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If you own a business, and getting more customers is something you want to do, you’re in the right place.

So, you’re a business owner.

It’s awesome, isn’t it?

You work your own hours; you’re your own boss; you don’t have any of the stress that a regular employee feels because you can’t get fired or made redundant. It totally rocks, right??

What a crock of s**t!

Being a business owner is tough. Especially if you’ve got staff. Chances are you work longer hours than your friends with regular jobs. And you probably feel way more stress than a regular employee (including your own staff).

Sure, owning your own business has advantages. You’re the boss, after all. But anyone who says it’s easy or stress-free, has never done it.

If your business does well (or is already doing well), you probably stand to make a lot of money, and hopefully enjoy a great lifestyle (assuming you’re not the one doing all the work).

But let’s be real – not many businesses get to that point overnight or without a lot of hard work (and a little bit of luck).

It’s the customers, stupid.

The fact is, for any business to succeed, there are a lot of important ingredients – hard work is just one. I’m not going to list all of them here – I’ll save that list for a separate blog post. For now, let’s focus on one ingredient that is absolutely fundamental to every business on the planet.

Whether you’re IBM or Apple or a local hairdresser or a brain surgeon, or anything and everything in between – you need customers. You might have the greatest product (or service) in the world; and the most efficient systems and management processes known to man; plus the stamina to work 18 hours a day. And you will still go broke without customers.

Without customers, your business is toast. Without customers, every business is toast.

The other ingredients that make up a successful business are important – some are super important (especially as you get bigger). But they mean nothing without customers. Lots of businesses get hung up on their product or service; or they get fixated on their internal processes and systems. And these are important.

But I’ll say it again: without customers, your business is cactus.

There are a lot of businesses and individuals out there who can help your business with things like finance or management systems or HR issues or project management or design or technology, etc. We can even recommend some.

But Hudson Gates doesn’t do any of that stuff. We focus on one thing – customers.

Getting more of them, and selling stuff to them.

It’s a new world out there – get on board or get left behind.

Have you ever sent or received an email? Or a text message? Or a Skype message? Or a Facebook friend request? Have you ever liked or commented on a Facebook post? Have you ever shared something on Facebook? Or tweeted? Or even retweeted? Did you check your phone for new messages in the last 2 hours (be honest)?

If you answered “No” to the above questions, then you’re either Amish or a turnip.

Pop quiz: How many different ways can you be contacted today? Let’s make a quick list of possible options:

  • Phone calls (landline or mobile)
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Email (work or personal)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Messenger (by Facebook)
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Google Hangouts
  • SnapChat
  • Snail mail (don’t laugh – it’s still going)
  • Face to face (two or more people, in the same room)

And those are just a few – there are plenty of others. Some may not apply to you, but I bet there’s more than a few that do.

Now, think back a decade or so. How did your friends or family (or customers) contact you back in 2007? And remember, the first iPhone only came out in 2007 and the first Android phone was released in 2008.

  • Phone calls
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Snail mail
  • Face to face

What about in 1997?

  • Phone calls (mostly landline)
  • SMS (if you happened to have a mobile phone)
  • Email (if you had an email address)
  • Snail mail
  • Face to face

No doubt there are some missing from the lists above, but are you seeing a trend?

Get to the point!

So, what’s the point we’re trying to make here?

There are actually two points:

  1. People can now connect with other people (even people they don’t know) and businesses can connect with customers and potential customers (we call them prospects or leads) quickly and cheaply, in many different ways.
  2. Consequently, every day, people are inundated with messages of one kind or another – advertising, status updates, bank statements, bill reminders, spam, etc.

This isn’t going to change any time soon. And it presents businesses like yours (and mine) with both an opportunity and a challenge.

The opportunity: you are now able to get your message (and trust me, you have a message) in front of your customers and prospects more easily and cheaply than ever before. Ever. In the history of the world. Ever.

The challenge: to ensure that your message (yes, you really do have a message) is not lost in the tsunami of information that everyone receives these days.

What next then?

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